Home Valuation

Home Valuation is so important when listing your home for sale. Gilezan Team prepares an extensive Home Valuation on your property using data, statistics and adjustments when comparing comparable sales. Square feet, full bathrooms, half baths, number of bedrooms and garage sizes are just of few of the fields that Gilezan Team equate to adjusting price for home valuation. Above Grade price per square foot is worth more than Lower Level Price per square foot.

Data alone from our Auto Home Valuation or any other computer based Home Valuation will not be accurate. Stephanie Gilezan takes the following steps to preparing your Properties Value.

  • An agent must first find comparable like-kind properties to compare with the subject property.
  • Agents must determine the average price per square foot for both above grade and lower level square feet
  • Adjust for condition/improvements
  • Style of home by determining the favorite floor plans for the area based on past sales
  • Full and half baths
  • Garage spaces
  • Style of basement
  • Construction Materials
  • Location in Neighborhood
  • Lot Size
  • Age of home

Guessing a price value of a home is the biggest mistake in the Real Estate Market. If you price too high your property runs the risk of staying on the market too long which can then lead to a stigma and the property sells for way below its true value. Or you price your property too low leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

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